Day 5: How to lose 50 pounds in JUST ONE DAY!! 

It’s 5:30pm and we just signed over a large box that weighed 55 pounds to TBS Shipping of Point Roberts. The box is due South to Santa Barbara. 55 pounds of bob trailer, guitar, camping shower, one pair of waterproof bicycle boots, extra clothing, two rack packs, a camera case, and lots of excess soap. 55 pounds that we will no longer be lugging behind us. 

The day begin with morning coffee, stretches at the sea shore, and a visit with the enthusiastic park ranger of Lighthouse County Park. After breakfast, we spent pretty much the whole day figuring out how to lose 50 pounds in just one day. The trick: lose your trunk, wrap all that junk in bubble wrap, and ship it away. (Note: we won’t go into more detail here because, frankly, we’re embarrassed it came to this.) 

In all, we rode just 8 miles today. The ultimate recovery day. Tomorrow we head to Vancouver Island on a ferry and get riding. The locals say it may rain. The locals are also shocked that we chose Point Roberts as a destination. 

Daisy on Vancouver Island. Looking slimmer!

7 Replies to “Day 5: How to lose 50 pounds in JUST ONE DAY!! ”

  1. I’m amused, impressed and confused! Having done a tandem tour or two myself, I understand minimalist packing. We, too, have had to hit a post office more than once to jettison non-essentials. But your Bob trailer? Have you given up on camping in favor of hotels (the only way we have ever managed on a tandem). Pics please????

    1. Nope! We’re still camping. Though we have given up on most creature comforts. That being said,we’ve remained cozy, dry, and happy so far.

  2. Whaaaatttt? No soap, no showers, no extra clean clothes? Note to Jackie: take over the front seat immediately…. 🙂

    By the way, this is a terrific blog and I love reading about the Botts’ adventures in Biking!

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