Day 48: Early risers arrive early

We must have looked suspicious packing up our campsite with lights on our heads in the city park but we wanted to get an early start of 5:30. Nancy, our waitress at Antelope Cafe, talked Steve into this over size slab of ham but it made for a good snack later.

We rode the last and separate 14 mile segment of the Cowboy Trail from Gordon to Rushville where we stopped for another cup of coffee. We could see the trail continue but it was rough and the bridges weren’t converted for bikes yet but I just had to try it. It was rough and a little scary when some boards are missing on the bridge so I went back to highway 20. We didn’t see any long distant bike riders today; just some locals walking and a few riders.

We rode into our destination town of Chadron at noon as planned. We were bummed when we found out they don’t allow camping in city parks here in Chadron and there was only 1 RV park and it was cramped. After we looked at tomorrows tough climb and the hot weather forecast of 101 we decided to treat ourselves to a fancy motel.

A Ready Riders signature breakfast
We have a sign like this but chocolate
Riding the “not ready for prime time” Cowboy Trail extension
You have to move where the railroad went
I think the landscape is starting to look more like Wyoming…we must be close
Fun story
Escaping the heat at motel in Chadron. Check out the fancy car metallic paint job on the doors and the horseshoe/spur knocker

Summary: we rode 50 miles from Gordon to Chadron on the last 14 miles of Cowboy Trail and highway 20.

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