Day 47: Wind and Chevys

We started riding at 5:40am to try to beat the heat today (only 92). Our destination is Gordon, 53 miles away.

We met Sean and Sam riding from Astoria to NYC with RAGBRAI on the way. We thought they were the last but then an hour later Arjun rolled up. He was riding from San Francisco to Boston. He has to ride two 90 mile days to make it on time for RAGBRAI. Oof!

We stopped for breakfast in Tria’s hometown of Merriman. Tria made sure our money was no good at Buckles store,so we got food and drinks for our ride. Thanks again Tria!

We fought the Nebraska wind for the last 9 miles to Gordon and arrived in Gordon with plenty of time left in the day to go to lunch, set up camp, grocery shop, get some soft-serve and swim in the pool. Sounds like a good summer day of bike touring.

Two local boys asked us “are you guys riding around the world?”. “No, just across the country”. Triple B and Jackson were inquisitive and funny. Maybe they’ll grow up and ride around the world themselves.

We went back to the Fuel Grille for dinner and met the owner Marlin and both being Chevy fans we swapped gearhead stories. If I had a bar it would be similar to Marlin’s.

Leaving Cody before sunrise
Tria’s hometown
I thought they sold belt buckles (it was the store owner’s nickname)
Interesting history
Shelter in the park
The Fuel Grille has truck bed booths
Triple-B and Jackson powersliding on their hoverboards

Summary: we rode 55 miles from Cody to Gordon on highway 20.

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