Day 33: The Wisdom of Others

“Do you want a quarter or half?” Nicole asked. Steve just said, “I want a lot of potatoes” (see photo). I imagine Nicole has to put up with a lot of indecision ar 7am at Town & Country cafe in Madrid (pronounced Mad-rid, not “Ma-drid”). In any case, it was a much better breakfast than yesterday.

Doug stopped us on the beautiful High Trestle bridge and we shared some biking stories.

Jessi was used to the smell from the pork plant near Dawson but we weren’t. It takes your breath away. We had a good chat with Jessi on several topics including breakfast pizza at Casey’s and what it’s like to be a farmer in Iowa.

I talked Steve into a morning stop at a trail side bar & grille called “Just 1 More” (Harley theme). We were Frankie’s only customers and drank his last gallon of ice tea. The owner, Chad, stopped by and strongly advised us to stay off the busy highway 141 and suggested E63 instead. Thanks Chad and Frankie, it worked well.

On E63, we were hot and thirsty so we looked for a shade tree to have a lunch break. A man in overalls and a chainsaw (I know what you’re thinking) welcomed us to use his tree. Scott had lots of stories for us including his dramatic hit & run and recovery while riding his bike. He had a surprising positive attitude and was able to forgive the person that hit him, He was told many times he’s the “luckiest, unlucky guy”.

We finally made it to our campground at White Rock conservancy near the tiny town of Coon Rapids. A refreshing dip in the river and a few cool showers helped to cool us off. A quick moving thunderstorm gave us dinner entertainment as we ate our burritos under the park shelter.

What Steve got when he asked for “lots of potatoes”
Riding partway across the famous High Trestle Bridge
Doug interviewed us on the bridge
View from the bridge
Optional reading
Fancy sculpture at Perry High School (Bluejays)
Perry town welcome
Frankie reminded me of “Coach” on Cheers TV show
Scott Carroll waving goodbye
Swimming at small river in White Rock campground

Summary: we rode 54 miles from Swede Point park to Whiterock campground on High Trestle trail, 130th street, city streets in Perry, Racoon River Valley Trail,

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  1. Really enjoying your posts! Thanks for taking the time to share your awesome trip. I leave Tue for a 26 day backpack on the JMT so will need to catch up when connected again. You inspired me to blog at

    May road bring you all good things!


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