Day 32: Humid like a Steam Bath

The first clap of thunder happened during our cup of coffee so we hastily packed our bikes and high-tailed it to the nearby trail shelter. It was a bonus because it also had a bathroom and electricity to charge with. One bolt of lighting was so close and so loud it made both Steve and I jump. Even the nearby group of horses were startled. Sorry I didn’t get that on video but I got another smaller one.

When the rain stopped at 11am we rode to the nearest town of Collins where the map showed there was a gas station we could probably get some more food. The joke was on us because it was just gas (no store).

We restocked at a Dollar General and went to the park to eat our gourmet peanut butter on tortillas with our Gatorade. We agreed to keep moving to the next town. Three towns later we saw on google a Mexican restaurant that SHOWED was open but no such luck – so Subway it is. We were determined to get a margarita and found one at Night Hawks bar in the town of Slater.

Note: I saw my first Ford Lightning electric truck , towing a boat even.

After looking at the map we decided on Swede County Park for camping.

Sorry, I didn’t take many photos today.

I don’t see many. Thunderstorms in Santa Barbara so it’s special
The trail was wet and muddy and therefore slower

Summary: we rode 42 miles from Rhodes to Madrid on mostly Heart of Iowa trail (paved & unpaved) and a little bit of city roads.

5 Replies to “Day 32: Humid like a Steam Bath”

  1. I hope you made it to White Rock before the heat got too horrible today! It was fun riding with you this morning and hearing of some of your adventure so far.
    Also, according to Google there are 125 Casey’s in Nebraska so maybe by the time you hit Wyoming you will have had a chance to try a slice of that breakfast pizza! I’ll be following along on your journey. Good luck!

    1. We enjoyed talking with you too. We hydrated at “Just One More” in Jamaica and we just arrived at White Rock and took a cooling off dip in the small river here.

  2. That lightning looked like it was right there!!! Did you guys get hit, and did the temporary confusion prompt you to buy tortillas for your peanut butter? Or did the Dollar General in Collins just have no bread?

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