Day 17: …and we’re still friends

As I was looking at the map of the day ahead I noticed “Model T Museum”. I couldn’t resist. We saw about 40 of them in all sorts of varieties like trucks, tractors, snow plows, taxis, etc. Ford sold about 15 million in 20 years. When you compare that to VW Beetle at 23 million and Toyota Corolla at 50+ million it doesn’t sound like much but when you consider the population at the time and number of cars in the world it was huge. I have to confirm it but one stat I read said half the cars in the world in ~1918 were model T’s.

The Cardinal Greenway is a nice path and will last the next 2 days. We met Russ riding his bike to the town of Lasantville, IN. He told us the funny story of a particular bird that dive bombs him on the path in the same spot for the last several days. Not today, perhaps because there were 3 of us. Good job Russ on your new hobby of cycling. We also met a young man challenging himself to run 50 miles. His dad was giving him drinks and encouragement along the way. A good Father’s Day moment.

We struck out finding a campground at the end of our day in Muncie so we got a hotel for the night. It’s about time we did some laundry anyways. A nice salad and brew at the Elm Street Brewery in Muncie was a good way to end the day.

Fun fact: Ball State University was started here by the Ball Brothers who made glass jars. They located in Muncie because there was lots of natural gas here to heat up and make the glass.

We rode 50 miles from Richmond to Muncie on the Cardinal Greenway.

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  1. Steve, your uncle Don here. Spent last evening and this morning with your mom. She looks great and we had a fun visit. We are enjoying the blog!

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