Last Day

I forgot to mention that we met Laura, a fellow rider at Goldies Retreat by the River. She’s a freelance writer on outdoor/nature topics.

We thanked Goldie for her hospitality and rolled on down the road…well not so quick. Stephen had a flat tire. It was a wire from a truck or car tire on the side of the road. It was a bad day for flats. Stephen got two more and Brent went for the record and got six flats! This whole trip Bob and I got zero. I consider myself fortunate. I use my favorite tough tire called Schwalbe Marathon Plus and Bob credits his avoidance to his new tubeless tires.

At the end of the day, the news said it was the hottest day in history. It felt like mid 90s but my Wahoo bike computer showed a high of 107.

After finding out a couple of restaurants were closed for the holidays we decided on Joe’s Tequila Bar. It had a nice tree shaded patio and a Nicki, the general manager had a good sense of humor. Our waiter Fredy (yes one D) had an interesting back story. He escaped El Salvador and spent time in New York City and now here in Santa Fe.

After dinner we did the short hike up the hill called “Cross of the Martyrs” to get a better look at the fireworks. The official show was several miles in the south end of town and we are right in downtown. Plenty of locals put on a good fireworks show.

Thanks for following our adventure!

Chiles hanging everywhere
Cross of the Martyrs
Dinner here
Our hotel downtown. Bob & Brent stayed here a few years ago.

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  1. Congrats on finishing strong despite the universe sending all those flat tires! YEESH!! Well done, Ready Riders!! <3

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