Day 90: We did it! 4,142 miles in 90 days

Only 52 miles to ride today. A little bit of it was on the Olympic Discovery Trail but most was on highway 101. Soon enough we arrived in Forks and while we were taking our photo of the Forks sign, another cyclist, Sourabh rode up. He’s starting his journey from Canada to Mexico. He joined us for pizza lunch in Forks with a side of stories. Happy trails Sourabh!

Our plan A for camping failed because the Mora campground was full but we found a private campground called Cycle Camp. It’s owned by Bob, a retired garbage man and a self proclaimed hippie. Of course the fee was a donation. I tried to pay up front but he stopped me and say pay AFTER your stay according to how well you sleep. The fee included a tour of his compound including his car collection and stories galore.

We got fish and chips for dinner at Riverview Restaurant and listened to the loudest waitress I’ve ever met. So much shouting!

We vowed to have a campfire and what a campfire it was! Bob shared his recent hobby of listening to old radio shows of Gunsmoke and Dragnet. It’s a fitting end to our trip.

Thanks everyone for reading the blog and all your encouraging comments.

26 Replies to “Day 90: We did it! 4,142 miles in 90 days”

  1. Congrats, Hon! I KNEW you could do it! Can’t wait to see you! Much love and BIG CONGRATULATORY HUGS to both of you!

    OLD GUYS RULE!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3

  2. Mike- the stories have been amazing to read and see! So happy for you two and I loved all the updates! Have a safe trip home to Santa Barbara!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Amazing journey that we all enjoyed riding vicariously with you, Mike and Steve (and Brent and Bob).

  4. Congrats on the finish and what a great ride! I had great time reading the blog everyday! Look forward to catching up sometime soon Mr. Suding!

  5. Congrats Mike & Steve! Loved the daily posts. I think you can rival Bob, the guy from cycle camp, on the beard front.

  6. Congrats Mike and Steve!
    I loved keeping up with you each day on the blog and the Garmin Explore site. God Bless!
    Wayne DeCosta (Ainsworth, NE motorcycle rider)

  7. Way to go guys. We met you in the trail in Ohio, the day after the really big storm. We start our Pittsburg to DC ride tomorrow.

    Would appreciate your thoughts on the Priority 600. Do you love the pinion?

    1. I give it a score of 9/10. Less than 1% are mis-shifts and belt squeaks when it gets dry and dusty. I just spray it with silicone spray to quiet it down about every 3 days

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