Day 77: The last state…Washington!

Andreas rode up to Spokane to meet his wife and Brent left us in Plummer to catch the train to Portland then Santa Barbara.

Steve and I rode into our last state (Washington). It hit 99 degrees!

On the Tekoa bridge we met a couple riding the other direction. They rode from Forks Washington to the eastern border of Washington. They have wider tires which is better for this chunky gravel.

We were relieved when they told us we could camp in Rosalia city park. We celebrated by going to the Brass Rail Bar. Deb, the owner said she and Jim lowered the selling price for the bar to $149k because she wants to spend more time with her grandkids.

Frank and his korgy named Daisy told us all about Rosalia population 500.

Riding along lake CDA to Plummer
Serene trail of CDA
End of trail of the CDA
Our last state!
Sign showing route
Riders we saw that just finished west to east
Tekoa bridge
On Tekoa bridge
Some gravel is too deep

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