Day 60: Yellowstone

Somehow in a matter of a few hours I got a severe sore throat and laid awake most of the night worrying. In the morning, I tested myself for Covid just in case. Negative- whew!

We finally made it past the east entrance gate and ate breakfast at a restaurant. Their pancakes are so big they nickname them “horse blankets”.

We climbed to 8530 ft elevation, our highest yet. Near lake Yellowstone we ran across Keith riding his “Bike Friday” cross-country from Bend, Oregon to his home in Rockville, Maryland. We traded stories and cards and continued the final stage of our day to Bay Bridge Campground to meet up with Brent. I got a text from Brent shortly after arriving saying it was going to be one more day. Since we planned tomorrow as a rest day, this will be fine. I gotta get rid of this cold anyways.

Spires everywhere
Entering east gate
Keith riding from Oregon to Maryland
Our highest point so far

2 Replies to “Day 60: Yellowstone”

  1. Guys

    Just want you to know that I’ve been following your blog since we met on High Tressle Trail in Iowa. Sure looks like you’re having a wonderful time! Keep it up!

    Doug Feig

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