Day 53: rest day in Casper Wyoming

On the list today: get a bolt for my pannier bag, rotate our tires, install sealant liquid in our inner tubes, get a new chain and haircut for Steve, grocery shop, etc.

G-ma’s for breakfast then to the bike shop. Tia at Crazy Pedaler was friendly and helpful. She even suggested a barber. All these errands gave us a chance to see more of Casper.

Trivia from Karla the campground host. The Fort Caspar is spelled different from the name of their city because of a mistake and they stayed with it. It was named after Caspar, the son of Colonel William Collins who was killed in a battle with Indians. Link

We had a nice lunch sandwich at Steamboat deli and a dinner at Don Juan’s downtown.

On our second visit to the bike shop we met a young man named Dillon. He is riding his first tour and he gobbled up dozens of tips and info that we gave him. I think he will be good at this.

The adventure continues onto, Shoshoni, Thermopolis, and Cody, etc

Smooth water falling on North Platte river
Platte river trail
Steve riding through the gate of knowledge
Downtown Casper
Giant eagle sculpture

summary: We rode 16 miles doing errands around Casper.

3 Replies to “Day 53: rest day in Casper Wyoming”

  1. Casper looks different. I remember riding through Shoshoni like it was yesterday, not much there and I did not stop. I arrived in Meeteetse as a tremendous rain storm hit. Me & another group, 3 guys & a gal, spent our time in jail. I had said to the gal as the sheriff approached don’t say anything and we will go sleep in the park after the rain stops. She asked the sheriff if we could sleep in the park. He said NO. There are a couple of bins down there but they probably are filled with rats, but you can stay at the jail; if I get a drunk at night you will have to clear out of the jail. There were 2 cells. I slept on top of one. Here’s picture.
    There was a restaurant to the right of the Cowboy Bar and a grocery store beyond that. … One of the guys left Michigan on his way to Vermont, when his group got lost….Jokes all night. The jail beyond the grocery store has changed.

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