Day 50: The women of Manville (Wyoming)

I’m embarrassed to admit it but we were woken up by sprinklers in Harrison park. It’s our first time because I think this trip is the first time we’ve camped in city parks.

We started early again and saw the sun rise in a new state…Wyoming! We now see a lot more sage, or as Rachel calls it, “Cowboy cologne”. Yesterday I called the church in The town of Manville and asked Deb at the church if we could camp at the church because I didn’t see any parks on google maps. When we arrived however, I could see a park 2 blocks away. Just then, Rosie walked down the street and we asked her if the town would allow us to camp there. She offered to go talk to Cliff, the maintenance guy to unlock the bathrooms and I think Rosie informed the neighbors too which is a good thing.

We headed down to the only restaurant in town – 3 Sisters – Food, Fuel, and Bar for lunch. Shirley fed us and told us the story of her funny sign (see video) that her son made.

After exploring the tiny town of Manville (pop. 95), and cooling off in the sprinklers, we dressed up for dinner (just kidding – same grungy riding shorts) and went back to the only cafe. Our waitress, Haley reminded me of a plate spinner, shifting from task to task at the speed of light.

We had a good day thanks to the nice women of Manville.

We crossed Nebraska into Wyoming! Yee-haw!
Riding through wide open spaces
Lacey made breakfast burritos for us in Lusk
Passing many pastures
Water tower in city park right above us

summary: we rode 41 miles from Harrison city park to Manville, Wyoming city park via highway 20. We are at highest elevation yet at 5,300 ft.

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