Day 45: Revelers, riders, and replanning

We had a rough night of sleep with the loud revelers at the saloon across the street. Big surprise!

Just before breakfast we ran into another cross country cyclist Terry from Tahoe. He had an interesting journey…He and his wife started their trip on high-end Reise & Mueller e-bikes but they broke down and he couldn’t fix them and he bailed on the whole e-bike idea and bought a high end bike similar to mine. He also trimmed down his packing by a third and it showed. He was heading to RAGBRAI, an organized ride and only had a few days left before it starts. His wife will meet him there.

Just after breakfast at Ma’s cafe, we ran across Tom and Deb who just started their ride of the Cowboy Trail. We had fun swapping ride stories.

A few miles later we ran across shirtless Josh riding with his buddies and he finally decided he better put his shirt on to avoid sunburn.

We ran into more cyclists today than all last week.

After reaching the end of the main trail and 96 degrees, we escaped the heat in a Pizza Hut and planned our next 2 days. We will camp in Valentine then ride to Merriman – but then we saw the forecast called for 108 so we shortened the ride plans and will go to Cody early and hopefully arrive before noon.

We also met Steve from Kentucky. Someone recently gave him a used Fuji bike and I helped him fix the seat, handlebars, rack, and we gave him suggestions on how to upgrade/modify his drivetrain to get lower gearing.

Goodbye Johnstown
Funny sign
Weird bug on Steve’s bike
Deb & Tom from Indianapolis
Small 20” black snake – not sure what kind
Terry from Tahoe
End of the main Cowboy trail
Pano from the trestle bridge
Video riding the trestle bridge near Valentine

Summary: we rode 37 miles from Johnstown to Valentine city park/campground on The Cowboy Trail.

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  1. There is only One Cody, that’s Cody, Wyoming. There are 5 Museums in Cody. I would recommend the Buffalo Bill Museum. They have great air conditioners, but I guess you are going to stop at that Fake Cody place in Nebraska, rather than do the 500 miles plus before noon to the real Cody for a really “cool” place.

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