Day 3: Dan inspired us

We saw another Tour Divide racer today. I dug deep to keep up with her enough to talk with her. Her name is Hannah and she’s from Austin Texas. I asked her if she knew my friend Dan. She did! She met him at an Arkansas race event and she said “he’s the one that convinced me to do this ride!”. Thanks Dan!

Dan also suggested Moose Cafe in Kremmling and it worked out since it was the only restaurant open at 6am.

We rode some more highly compressed dirt roads. Almost as hard and smooth as asphalt. We met two other cyclists, Simon & Grant from New Zealand. They warned us about Ute Pass climb. The view was fantastic. The downhill was smooth and car free surprisingly.

Blue River campground was almost full but we found a reserved spot where the people left early and we convinced Jess, the camp host to let us have it. We gotta hand it to Jess, she doesn’t miss a thing. She’s been doing this for 5 years now and practically raised her son here. Thanks for the free campsite Jess and your stories about the local moose.

Moose cafe for breakfast in Kremmling
Nice smooth dirt roads
Bob finding the puncture in his air mattress to patch it
Great vista from top of Ute Pass
Friendly roadside help
Blue River campground

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  1. Thanks Mike for the posts. Love following you guys along on your big adventure. It would be a nice enhancement if the GPS data was included in your nice photos so we can easily zoom in to the exact locations.

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