Day 28: Happy Trails

How could we not stop at a place called “Good Vibes Cafe” in Solon?Krystal, one of the owners, greeted us with a smile and some delicious breakfast burritos. We had a nice chat and her sign decorations were entertaining (see photos of a small fraction of them). She encouraged her customers to write on the walls and I happily obliged.

Fortunately, almost the whole day was riding on smooth, wide, well-groomed trails which is nice. A local, Lynn, rode next to us and escorted us into Cedar Rapids to her favorite public market, NewBo, where we had some smoothies and carrot/banana bread. yum!

Lunch on the path and a shady bench was all the ingredients Steve needed for a rejuvenating nap. Ruby’s bar in Center Point was our beer-thirty stop where we chatted with Ruby and some of her local customers. She even gave us some of her homemade strawberry pie.

Thanks to Ruby’s suggestion, we went to Lazy Acres RV park for our campsite. The host, Bev sold us some ice creams and Daryl escorted us to our campsite driving past his homemade decorations.

Typical farm roads
Trails are nice
My weakness for witty signs
Funny because it’s true
I had to laugh
Of course, I wrote on the wall too
Punchline: …”if you mow your front yard and find a car“
Lunch + heat + bench = nap
Tin man Yard art
Lynn escorted us to a market on her snazzy bike and gave us tips galore
Classic but cool yard art
Kitschy but home for the night
Welcome from these pups
Daryl put a real V-8 engine block in this decoration
Nothing says home like a clothesline

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