Day 25: We made it to the “Sipp”

That’s slang for the Mississippi River apparently. It must be true, I read it on the interweb.

The egg sandwich at Subway tasted way better than it looked; or maybe we were just hungry after 25 miles. The Hennepin canal was nice and peaceful but it ended in East Moline. We zigged and we zagged thru Moline, Illinois to our campground called Illiniwek Forest Preserve which is on the bank of the Mississippi River.

Dara, our camp host had lots of good tips for us, including crossing the “Sipp” using the new bridge on highway 74 with its separate bike/pedestrian path. She also suggested the nearby Logger House for dinner.

Haley made us feel welcome for dinner and made us laugh at each other with her various philosophies. Tomorrow we ride into Iowa!

Summary: we rode 61 miles from Lock 11 on Hennepin Canal to Illiniwek Forest Preserve on the Mississippi River. It was mostly Hennepin canal path and zig-zag in East Moline.

For all you runners out there (not my gig)
Look carefully to see how big this wind turbine blade is!
I thought this counterweighted bridge is cool
Dad pun alert: This is a heavy metal band!
This funny but true sign near the prison
Funny sign in Dara’s office
“I live on a bike down by the river!”
This is the new bridge we plan to cross the river with
We crossed the Hennepin Canal several times on these bridges

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  1. Nice to meet u guys in Buffalo. Good luck on your trip to Seattle. Wind usually blows from the northwest in Iowa. Hope you catch wind at your back through Iowa and Nebraska.

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