Day 2: getting into the groove

We traded stories with Paul and Dale at our campsite and headed up to Brunswick, Maryland for breakfast. While waiting for the train to move, we talked with Mary from San Bernardino. Meandering Mary was such a traveler she didn’t really want to name a “hometown”.

Whenever possible, I try to ask a local for restaurant suggestions. A local suggested “Beans in the Belfry” (in a converted church) which I thought was burritos but it was coffee beans. Regardless, It was delicious.

We joined lots of tourists walking around Harper’s Ferry. Most of us remember it from history class as a slave rebellion. We met Charles, a Boy Scout group leader taking a troop on a practice ride. Our next stop was Shepherdstown West Virginia (because it was on the other side of the river).

A few trail detours later we rode on a neat part of the trail along the cliffs of the Potomac (see photo). Alex and John welcomed us to the Opequan Junction hiker/biker campsite. Alex is a local and John has ridden it several times so they gave us previews and tips for the road ahead.

Nathan and his two young sons rode by our camp on their way to Utah. He proclaimed he was on the spectrum and thanked us profusely for talking with him.

All in all, a good day riding 59 miles. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s detours.

An “aqueduct” that Carries the canal over a river
Lunch in Brunswick
Harper’s Ferry
Potomac River
Typical C&O sign
Neat trail along the cliff

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  1. Fifteen Mile campground looks lush from the google photos. Is the Cumberland gap on tomorrows itinerary with songs to match?

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