Day 13: Wolf Creek Pass

The sign at the top of Wolf Creek Pass said after it was first built, in the early 1900s it took a Model T about 2 days to get over it. That seems like a LONG time but I’m guessing it wasn’t paved and it used to wind in and out of every crevice. It was a gentle grade but the 10,000 ft made us feel a little light headed.

On the way down the other side it seemed by the shape that it was sculpted by glaciers. It even had a nice waterfall called “Treasure Falls” where we ate a small lunch.

As we got closer to the town of Pagosa Springs it got more and more crowded. Then we realized it was Friday before Independence Day. The town slogan was a confident “deepest hot springs on earth”. So there!

Since Brent & Bob came here a few years ago, they wanted to visit their favorite bakery and brewery.

We stayed in the rather corporate Holiday Inn in “uptown” which is approximately 4 miles from downtown.

Dustin served us dinner at the bar in Colorado Roadhouse. After it was obvious he’s the manager, I asked him when he became a manager. He said since the day my dad bought the place, my brother and I have managed this place. They served us each the biggest burger I’ve ever eaten — a 12 ounce patty!

We have a rest day here in Pagosa Springs to make the schedule work for arriving in Santa Fe on July 5th.

Preparing ourselves mentally by starring at the sign
Nice sign at the top
Seems like it was shaped by glaciers
Hike to Treasure Falls

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