Day 0: Getting to the starting point

Luckily Stephen has Premier gold status so we got a 70lb limit instead of the usual 50. We got our 68 lb bike boxes on the plane and we took off from Santa Barbara at our scheduled 5:15am.

Our shuttle driver Jim was friendly and had a can-do attitude which helped when we had to “shoehorn” our four bike boxes in his shuttle van. We arrived at our motel, the Rabbit Ears motel just in time for a short rainstorm. We re-assembled our bikes under the awning and took a walk downtown to find some supplies. Backdoor Sporting goods sold us our camping fuel (you can’t transport that on the plane.)

A few beers at the brewery and a juicy burger put us in a good mood for our start tomorrow.

Our route:

Bob forgot he had a can of chili in his carry on bag
Named after a rock formation near Steamboat Springs
Trucks are bigger here
Beer to begin

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  1. Happy Father’s Day to the Dads in the group! Best wishes to y’all for a fun SAFE adventure!!! ;o)
    Cheers! <3 <3

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